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BandookBaaz Gaming is an Indian Youtube Gaming Content Creator, Having more than 1M+ Subscribers across his channel Baazigar Gaming, BandookBaaz and Baaz Gaming.
Whereas, he used to upload Pubg Mobile Content (PUBG Player ID – 6545353047) and GTA 5 Gameplay. However, He used to offers an interesting GamePlays, Updates, Tips & Tricks and Funny Moment.

If you want to read his story from nothing to leading (and responsible) Gaming Content creator and now this website, Read our Coverage on Sportskeeda, GuruGamera and PngStocks.


This website is aimed to server Top-notch quality everything happens in PUBG Mobile. Whereas, We are on a mission to touch every Pubg Mobile by leading them to know everything. BBZ Gaming is one of the leading and brings the hottest gaming news.
Founded in 2017 ( then called PNGStocks) as an effort, Now switched to a full-time passion and we promise to bring the news in the most efficient way possible.