As we know that the PUBG introduced a great new update with the latest themed gameplay is known as Graffiti Prank. In this mode, you will be Surprised with a Clown Vehicle under the Erangel map. You can collect the clown tokens and Replace them with systematic supplies such as weapons, armours and bullets. Optionally, you can also replace it with unique Strategic items. 

So, In this article, we will let you know about the full overview of the PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank and the Steps to download it on an Android device.

PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank Download

style="font-weight: 400;">It must note that the Players have already downloaded the 1.3 Update of the game. Next, they have to update it. For which they can do it via PUBG Client. Furthermore, if any user wants to download the PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank. Then, you have to download the Update through the APK file. Because it is not available on the Google Play store for India and many other countries. So, we will enlighten you to download the APK file from the official website of PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank.

How to Play PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank

PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank is full of Clown shops. These shops play a vital role in this mode. Because they enlight the user to replace the exciting rewards available in the game. Also, these rewards help them to make strategic gameplay against the enemy. In spite of this, users will get clown vehicles also. That directly helps the users to avail these amazing in-game items. Collectively, You will enjoy this update Mode.

Steps to Download PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank (Android)

Note – Turn on Installation of Application From Unknown Sources.

Download PUBG Mobile 1.3 Apk

  1. First, download the APK file of the Update.
  2. Then, wait for some time for a complete download.
  3. Next, Head to file explorer and search for downloaded APK file. 
  4. Now, Install it on your device.
  5. Last, launch the App and Enjoy the game.

So, we can hope that you all guys are completely known about “All About PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank and steps to download on Android”.


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