As per different hints, it is clear that Battlegrounds Mobile India is the return-back version of PUBG Mobile. We all know that various gamers have many achievements in the game such as gun skins, outfits, weapons, etc. For which krafton inc provides a data transfer option from PUBG Mobile to BGMI. However, it is now officially announced that the data transfer service is scheduled to be discontinued from the 6th of July. Although, this announcement is for a temporary basis and is expected to continue soon.

Moreover, the gamers have some meaningful time in which they can transfer their data. Specifically, the service will stop from the 6th of July. They can transfer their data before that date. However, there are some conditions for transferring the data. So, in this article, we will understand that Krafton Announce data transfer service will be stopped from the 6th of July.

What is the Data Transfer Service for BGMI?

Well, Battlegrounds Mobile India is a rebranded version of PUBG Mobile. Due to which it relates to good bonding between both of them. Also, Battlegrounds Mobile India offers a data transfer service to gamers. in which they can avail the data transfer from their PUBG Mobile Account to BGMI Account. However, they have stated some conditions for transferring data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI.

What Krafton Inc Announced regarding Data Transfer Services?

As we above mentioned that the Battlegrounds Mobile India has the option to recover your past data and achievements from PUBG Mobile. But, Due to some issues reported by the developers of krafton inc. They decided to temporarily discontinue the transfer service. However, the Data transfer service is currently in an Active state and is scheduled to be applied from the 6th of July 2021. Specifically, Krafton Inc announced on their official website that they are discontinuing the data transfer service. Altogether, they have officially stated as –

“Dear BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA fans. Currently, Krafton is providing a data transfer service to safely secure the data of fans from India. Maintenance will have proceeded upon the data transfer service; accordingly, we’d like to inform you that the transfer service will be temporarily shut down during the period indicated as Temporary shutdown of data transfer for Period: July 6th ~ until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience with the temporary shutdown of the data transfer. For those who wish to transfer their data, please do so before July 6th”.

How to Use Data Transfer Services in BGMI?

Krafton Inc officially announced that they have decided to Discontinue the data transfer service to BGMI. Due to which many of the gamers want to avail the service before it stops. However, the service will stop temporarily. If any gamer wants to know the procedure for transferring data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India. For which we have mentioned some steps given below –

  1. First, open your Battlegrounds Mobile India App.
  2. Then, Log in via your respective Account (which you have previously used for PUBG Mobile).
  3. Next, tap on the Skip option (if you don’t want to watch the trailer).
  4. Now, set up your In-game Profile.
  5. Then, Accept all the terms and conditions for Data Transfer.
  6. Next, log in with your Facebook/Twitter Account.
  7. Afterwards, all data will be transferred from PUBG Mobile to BGMI.

Hopefully, we can now expect you all guys to have Accurate content for “Krafton Announced Discontinuation of Data Transfer Service”. And, also well-known about How to Use Data Transfer Services in BGMI. Despite this, if any user has any queries, share them with us in the comment section down below.



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