Since Battlegrounds Mobile India launched in India, it was hoped that various players would launch on the iOS platform. But, Initially, they have released the game for Android devices only. However, the android gamers than iOS. But, the iOS version gives more revenue than Android. Moreover, the android version of the game has started a new series called BGMI India Series 2021. In which they include a lot of things such as format, criteria, rules, and many more. And, recently krafton updated its rule book.

However, In the update, the developers announced an interesting thing which would be a hope of various iOS players. So, in this article, we would understand about the New Rules for the India Series 2021 to be added to Battlegrounds Mobile for iOS.

What krafton Updated in the Rulebook?

We have above mentioned that Krafton has updated their rule book for the Battlegrounds Mobile India series 2021. In which they have first stated that “Players must participate in Events only on mobile handheld devices running the Android operating system”. After that announcement, many of the players think that the series will be available only for Android users. But, later krafton updated the rule book with the statement “Players must participate in Events only on mobile phone handheld devices”.

Check out the Rulebook

Outdated: Checkout here…

Updated: Checkout here…

Is krafton planning to release the BGMI iOS version?

As per the recent activity, it may some hint that the developers of Battlegrounds Mobile India may release the iOS version of the game very soon. However, it is not mentioned but, it is just a prediction. Because as we mentioned above they replaced the term from Android running devices to mobile devices which directly indication for the iOS version. Let’s see what would be the further activity of krafton regarding the iOS version launch, until stay tuned with the official handles of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Are Peripheral devices banned in BGMI Series 2021?

In the above para, it is clear that developers of BGMI may do some planning to launch the iOS version of the game. However, along with that they also mentioned an important thing that gamers will not be able to use any peripheral device in Battlegrounds Mobile India series 2021. If we’re talking about Peripheral devices, so these are the devices that have in-built triggers.

Hopefully, we can now expect you all guys to have Accurate content for Krafton’s BGMI has Updated their Rulebook for India Series 2021. It is also well-known that is Peripheral devices were banned in the BGMI India series 2021. Despite this, if any user has any query, share them with us in the comment section down below.


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