It was already known that Battlegrounds Mobile India is the rebrand version of PUBG Mobile and universally accepted as the best battle royale available in India. And, due to becoming the most popular battle royale of India, the developers of the game introduced a new event called Launch party. In which they have invited almost eighteen best PUBG Mobile Streamers to the event and offered to form their specific team in it.

Furthermore, they have also set up a prize pool worth Rs.6,00,000 for the winning team. And, Yesterday was the first day of the event, for which many of the gamers are highly excited to know about the overall activities of the first day of the launch party. So, concerning it, In this article, we will let you know a full overview of the first day of BGMI’s Launch Party Event.

BGMI’s launch Party Event crossed Five Million plus views

Battlegrounds Mobile India is somewhere different from PUBG Mobile because it has some more options and features. So we cannot expect that BGMI’s first tournament got that much response. Specifically, it is revealed that the BGMI’s First tournament named Launch Party crossed almost five million-plus viewership. 

Overview of BGMI’s Launch Party Event (First day)

The first day of BGMI’s Launch Party event comprises almost three matches. And, each match has its unique Identity. So, below we have mentioned the overview of all three matches played over the first day of BGMI’s Launch Party Event.

  • First Match

Well, the first day of the launch party event is very amazing as all the eighteen teams of the event deliver their best. As the first match was played over a classic map of Erangel which was won by Team Snax. Team Snax got almost 11 kills and acquired the first position. However, Team Kronten acquired the second position. Moreover, the star-studded lineup of Soul playing from Team Mortal was eliminated past, but they managed to get seven kill points.

  • Second Match

In the second match of the launch party event, Team Snax grabbed the first position in it. As they got twelve kills and Eight frags. Also, the match is played over the well-known Miramar Map. And, apart from the first position, Team Antaryami grab the second position as they did eight kills to get the second position in the second match of the first day. However, the fan-favourite teams’ Team Mortal and Dynamo got almost five and six kills.

  • Third Match

After the proper playback of the first and second match, the organizers started the third and last match of the first day. The first thing that the Match is played over is the popular Sanhok Map. In which Team Mortal got six flags which is the highest number in the event. However, Team Sangwan disqualified almost nine enemies from the lobby. 

Conclusion of First Day

As we have already mentioned the overview of each match for the first day. However, it will be very helpful to know the main highlights of BGMI’s Launch Party on the First day. Specifically, Team Snax got a total of 31 Kills and 76 Game points. Also, Snax with Team IND has wiped out the lobby by winning all three matches of the day. Moreover, Team Kronten got second position along with 22 kills and 36 points. However, the most popular Team Mortal and Team Dynamo got fifth and fourteenth Positions respectively.

Hopefully, we can now expect you all guys to have Accurate content for the Overview of BGMI’s Launch Party on the First day. And, also well-known about Winners of BGMI’s Launch party first day. Nevertheless, if any user has any queries, share them with us in the comment section down below.


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