The Indian gaming industry has seen positive signs since the battlegrounds Mobile India launched. There are a lot of in-game features, new modes, and many other interesting things in the game. In addition, there are various bugs and glitches in the game as well. 

Players have mostly reported issues with shut downs and loading screens. And, now the developers of BGMI have pointed out the solution for it. As they mainly developed a new patch note which helps in reducing glitches from the game.

Also, Season 20 of the game is a much-enhanced update but still, it got some issues and glitches in it. So, in this article, we will understand What Krafton Introduced to fix the shutdown and loading screen issue in the game.

What are the Issues gamers are facing in BGMI Season 20?

Season 20 of Battlegrounds mobile India facing various in-game issues to the gamers. Mainly the Shutdown and loading Screen is the main irritating issue while playing the game. However, the game was developed on a very special platform but, still, it includes some bugs and glitches. As many of the gamers reported about those bugs and after that developers of BGMI introduced a new patch note to overcome the issue.

What Krafton Announced regarding the new patch note?

On the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India, krafton inc state a brief notice regarding the new patch notes introduced to overcome the issues arising in the game. The statement is as follows-


It is happy to inform you that the details of the client patch were organized on July 24th. Also, please note that the patch will apply when restarting the game. Moreover. Also, we do know it’s cumbersome for you, but if you’re experiencing an error while playing, please contact Customer Service and leave the details of the error which are as Character Information or as device information.

“Click on tharrow option at the bottom right corner of the screen, then Head to Settings and Next Basic, at last Customer Service”.

Furthermore, we are constantly updating the issues you are reporting after the July Update through the Known Issues Notice. Also, we will work hard to solve them as soon as possible.

What are the Issues fixed by New patch note?

According to the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India, several issues are instantly reduced in the game. However, you need to restart the game if you want to apply the Patch note. However, if we talk about fixed issues so, these are followed as –

  • Sound arising from other gamers’ Tesla vehicles being very low
  • Gamers also get stuck on loading screens whenever wearing a Unicorn-set dress up.
  • The game gets shut down while logging in to the Season(C1S1) menu along with some devices
  • Not getting shot in some cases whenever riding buggy vehicle in Ignition mode

How do I Apply New Patch Notes to the game?

Since the patch notes are enabled By default, to overcome the issue. However, the main thing is that the gamer has to restart their Battlegrounds Mobile India App to successfully Apply the new patch notes and get away from the irritating issues. 

Hopefully, we can now expect you all guys to have Accurate content for BGMI Launched New Patch Notes to overcome Bugs and Glitches. Also well-known are the issues gamers are facing in BGMI Season 20. Nevertheless, if any gamers have any questions, share them with us in the comment section down below


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