Battlegrounds Mobile India is now successfully settled up in India. As the game crossed millions plus downloads on the Google Play store. Also, planning to release for iOS devices, meanwhile, it is clear that the PUBG Mobile has made a successful comeback in India. However, they are enforced to change the name of the game. But, Despite this, they got their fame and popularity back to India.

Moreover, due to the active response from Indian gamers. Battlegrounds Mobile India has decided to organize a launch party event on behalf of the successful return back of the game in India. Furthermore, they have stated a big prize pool in the event and also announced a list of 18 Streamers participating in the event. So, In this article, we will let you know about BGMI’s launch party event and the list of players participating in it.

What BGMI’s Developer Krafton announce regarding the launch party?

The South Korean developer Krafton officially released a teaser of the launch party event on their YouTube channel. In this, they have stated that the winning team will get the opportunity to grab Rs.6,00,000 as a Prize pool. Also, promised to give rewards to the deserving players. Furthermore, it also revealed that there are almost 18 famous streamers of India who form their respective team in it. 

When will the launch party event of BGMI start?

As we above told that the developers of the game have released an official teaser of the launch party. In which they have mentioned the main highlights of the game such as famous streamers will join the event and their particular team. For which many of the players are eager to participate as soon as possible. For which they need to know the start date of the event. So, the officials announced that the launch party event of BGMI will start from 8th July to 9th July 2021. So, become a part of the famous streamers teams and join the event as soon as possible.

What are the top streamers participating in BGMI’s Launch Party?

It is mentioned that the launch Party Event of Battlegrounds Mobile India features a maximum of 18 top streamers of India. In which all these streamers are needed to form their particular team. And, also have the chance to win the Rs.6,00,000 Prize Pool. However, these Streamers are well-known streamers in the field of Esports. But, still, we are providing you with a full list of those eighteen streamers who are invited to participate in the launch Party of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

So, Here is the list of top streamers who are invited to the event.

  • MortaL
  • Dynamo
  • Team Kronten (Kronten)
  • Classified YT
  • Antaryami
  •  K18
  • Gaming Guru
  • Alpha Clasher
  • Snax
  • Sangwan
  • GodNixon
  • Team Ghatak (Ghatak)
  • Ronak
  • Shreeman Legend
  • Maxtern
  • Jonathan
  • Bandookbaaz
  • Clash Universe

So, these are the streamers who are returning to them after a very long time. Players can now see them as playing the Battlegrounds Mobile India and also to play with them very soon.

Hopefully, we can now expect you all guys to have Accurate content for the BGMI Announced launch Party Event. And, also well-known about What are the Top Streams Invited to BGMI’s Launch Party. Despite this, if any user has any query, share them with us in the comment section down below.


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