Krafton has already released Battlegrounds Mobile India for Beta testers. Currently, the testing phase is underway. However, BGMI is expected to have many updates shortly. Many gamers believe both PUBG Mobile and BGMI have the same content. But, It is experienced by a prominent beta tester. That the Battlegrounds mobile India is much the same as the PUBG Mobile. However, if you play in a more focused way. Then, You will find some more enhanced gaming experience than PUBG Mobile.

Moreover, the game has many features same as PUBG Mobile. But, few features are in under process and have shown up as coming soon. Meanwhile, it is right the BGMI is similar to PUBG Mobile. But, we can say it is a more enhanced battle royale aa compared to PUBG Mobile. So, In this article, we will understand What things make BGMI better than PUBG Mobile.

What makes BGMI Better than PUBG Mobile

As PUBG Mobile is one of the popular battle royals all over the world. However, the game was earlier banned in India. Due to this, they launched a revamped version named PUBG Mobile India. But, still, they faced many launching issues from the administration. But, now updating their game specifically privacy policy. Krafton launched a new fresh game known as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

As In this game many gamers are thinking that BGMI and PUBG Mobile are the same. But, As per the experience taken by a beta tester. It found that the game is better than the PUBG Mobile. So, Below are the following aspect that makes BGMI Better than PUBG Mobile.

HD Graphics and High Frame Rate

While playing a battle royale game. Many of us mainly think about graphics. For which the developers of BGMI mainly focus to enhance the graphics of the game. However, PUBG Mobile was the last battle royale game known for its HD graphics. But, Now BGMI has surpassed PUBG Mobile. As it has more enhanced Graphics as compared to PUBG Mobile. Although, UHD and other graphics settings are not available right now. As they are shown up as coming soon in the game.

Finish Term

Earlier in PUBG Mobile whenever, you kill an enemy you find a green blood effect. But, In BGMI krafton named it as the finish. However, it looks like an odd word. But, something unique than PUBG Mobile. Also, you will be notified that Particular A finished and Particular B Vector. Meanwhile, Krafton replaced the term from “kill” to “finish”.

Health Tips to Players

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, krafton launched a new feature in the game. That particular player will now get health tips in the game. As always being hydrated, maintain better posture, and keep your body healthy. Collectively, You will feel a virtual experience in the game. As this feature does not earlier available in PUBG Mobile.

Gameplay Management System

Earlier, after getting few snippets, the gamer cannot be able to close down instantly. However, Gamer can scroll down the overall settings and closing them. And, that thing krafton named Gameplay Management system. As this term was earlier not available in PUBG Mobile. This makes BGMI Better than PUBG.

Altogether, BGMI’s other various features are much similar to PUBG Mobile. However, they introduced various unique things to BGMI. But, the majority of features are the same as PUBG Mobile.

Hopefully, we can now expect that you all guys have Accurate content about What makes BGMI Better than PUBG Mobile. And, also well-known about Aspects making BGMI better than PUBG Mobile. Despite this, If any user has any query share them with us in the comment section down below.


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