In a previous announcement, Krafton Inc revealed that PUBG Mobile is being collaborated with world-known Tesla motors. in which they have said they will launch tesla cars and other related items into the game. Also, Planned to release this collab along with the 1.5 Ignition Update. However, the Update is now released Publicly for Android as well as iOS users. Also, there are two download packs of PUBG Mobile such as Compact Pack and Default Pc pack. 

Furthermore, Users can now download the Ignition Update, but some gamers are facing some issues regarding the download Procedure. For which In this article, we will let you know everything about PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition Update. However, keep in mind that while doing the downloading steps, pay attention to the pre-requisites.

What are the Main Highlights of PUBG Mobile Ignition Update?

The Ignition Update of PUBG Mobile is majorly based on futuristic thoughts such as electric cars and other future-based technology. Because the game has already collaborated with Tesla motors and also introduced some future-oriented in-game items.

data-preserver-spaces="true">But, Apart from Tesla cars, they also introduced a new weapon named MG3 Gun which has its speciality. Also, there are two royal passes which are Tek era (14th July to 12th August) and Project T (13th August to 13th September). Moreover, An Unique thing is an Anti-Gravity motorcycle through which you can hover over the water.

How to download PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition Update?

Well, the game is officially available on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple store. Gamers can easily download the 1.5 Ignition Update from it. However, if any User keenly wants to download the Update through the APK file. Then, they can follow the given steps below to download. 

Moreover, before performing the below-given steps, it is required to meet the pre-requirements for it. Otherwise, you may get some errors while downloading or installing the game. So first, we have mentioned some pre-requirements for downloading APK files on your device.


  • The APK File Size is Around 720 MB, so make sure you have enough space.
  • Enable ‘Unknown Source installation’ from your device settings.
  • Your Device has a minimum of 2GB of RAM to run the game.
  • Also, use Stable internet connectivity, or majorly use Wi-Fi.
  • Steps to Download and Install PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition Update

After meeting the above-given Pre-requirements, You can head over to the download steps. So, do the below-given steps in the same manner as they were given, otherwise, it may cause some error. Moreover, the downloading and Installing steps are followed as – 

APK Download Link

   PUBG MOBILE 1.5.0 APK Download

Installation Guide

  • First, open your web browser.
  • Head to the above given APK Download Link.
  • Download PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition Update APK from it.
  • Afterwards, wait for some to complete the download.
  • Next, go to the device’s file manager and locate the downloaded APK file.
  • Install the APK file and then log in with your preferred Account.
  • Hence, you will be joining the 1.5 Ignition Update shortly.

Note – Gamers who are Upgrading to the 1.5 Ignition Update have the Opportunity to get various in-game items and rewards such as 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and Victorian Maiden Backpack (3d). Upgrade your PUBG Mobile Version as soon as possible to get the special rewards.


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