Everybody knows that whenever we think about Online Multiplayer Battle royale game, We all remember the PUBG Mobile game as the game consists of various new features and mode and also available in the several versions. And from the beginning, the game got a tremendous response and continuing till Now.

Mainly, the game has six differential versions launched by Tencent games. And all of them have something unique identity along with common features involved in it.

PUBG Mobile Global Version

One of the most famous global version is the only version which is Being played by a considerable number

of fans. And this version is used in many countries and also having many followers than the others except the Chinese version. This version has a Special feature other than the standard modes enlighted in each performance.

PUBG Mobile Korean and Japan version

This version id mainly played by the fans and Users of Japan and Korea. However, the PUBG Mobile Korean version becomes the most popular version because of a ban on the global version of PUBG.
Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile Taiwan Version

Much similar to the Vietnam version of the game, the main distinguish point in the Taiwan version is that they have their comfortable mother tongue language, which is used commonly in Taiwan. Moreover, the game is Published by a Taiwanese Software company.

PUBG Mobile Chinese version (Game for Peace)

This is the version which is initially launched by PUBG Mobile. As the game has the origin from china, so, the developers also think about the Chinese version and give more preference to it.

PUBG Mobile Vietnam Version

Everybody knows about PUBG Mobile, and PUBG Mobile also think about their users and Introduced a Special Vietnam version for the fans of Vietnam country. As the majority of launching a game in Vietnam is more due to which they have to publish a new version.

So, we hope that you have well known about the Various versions of PUBG Mobile and correctly got knowledge regarding “PUBG Mobile Available to All over the world”.


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