Everyone knows that PUBG Mobile have a large fanbase both in the mobile as well as PC gaming universe. There is hardly anyone from the game Society or the Normal users as well, who has not to enjoy or at least tried this game on their devices. But I have been Enjoyed PUBG a lot and has Experienced its transition from Season 1 to the current Season 7, and believe me, it has just got better and better with every update.

Inc. do not deny or confirm that our graphics tools may lead to a ban. We will not take responsibility for anything that might happen to your accounts such as account suspension or an account ban.
BBZGaming under an ethics policy, No apps on this page is sponsored and for any damage, BBZGaming do not responsible do at your own risk.. *This is not sponsored content.

Basically, PUBG Mobile lite is known for users who cannot go for a high-end device and want to play the game on mid-range or low-end devices. You can enjoy the game on low configured Hardware devices but, the smoothness and the graphics will all be reduced or maybe destroyed and it is like you are using some older type of game on your device.

PUB GFX+ Tool: XDA- #1 Gfx Tool for PUBG Mobile

You have seen stutters, lags and whatnot and your whole gaming Experience will be so disappointed that you may even want to Switch off your device. However, this problem is now Solved with the launch of the PUBG Lite version of the game.


PGT Free 🔧: GFX & Optimizer
PGT Free 🔧: GFX & Optimizer

Steps To getting 60FPS In PUBG Mobile On Any Android Phone

  1. First, Launch the PUBG Mobile game.
  2. Now, Head to graphics settings and choose Balanced profile.
  3. Then, Download the PUBG GFX Tool Xda version. (As Recommended)
  4. After downloading the GFX Tool Xda version, Install the APK and launch it.
  5. Next, choose the option Global profile.
  6. Then, disable the shadows.
  7. Next, Turn on Anti-analyzing.
  8. Now, choose the game profile as Smooth with 60fps.
  9. At last, Turn on Save Sensitive Controls. 
  10. Then, click on Apply.
  11. Now, launch the PUBG Mobile game and Enjoy it.

Basic Graphics Settings:

  • 1080 Resolution: Change the resolution of the game.
  • HDR Game Graphic: Unlock the HDR graphics on low-end devices.
  • Extreme FPS: Unlock the Extreme FPS level.
  • Style: Change graphics style setting.
  • Shadow.Enable and disable shadow.
  • Shadow Quality: Select shadow quality.
  • Shadow Resolution(Pixel): Change the size of the shadow pixel.
  • 4xMSAA: Enable and disable Anti Aliasing.
  • MSAA Level: Select the MSAA Level.
  • Anisotropy Level: Select the Anisotropic filtering(AF) level.

Miscellaneous Settings:

  • Graphics Rendering Level: Enhance the quality of graphics.
  • Detail Mode: Change the detail of graphics with different profiles.
  • Light Effects: Enable/disable light effects in-game.
  • Save My Layout & Sensitivity Settings: Prevent resetting of game layout & sensitivity settings.

Advance Settings:

  • Zero Lag Mode + Battery Efficient: Optimized game configuration.
  • Graphic Profile: Now choose a graphic according to RAM size.
  • Hardware-Accelerated Rendering: Enable support for VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+.
  • GPU Optimization: Custom OpenGL shaders.
  • Memory Boost: Boost up the game performance.
  • Smart widget: One touch to launch the game without opening PUB Gfx+ app again and again.

This is an XDA Exclusive version on the occasion of reaching the #1 rank in Top Paid Tool(India, Indonesia) and Top 10 (25+ country) among various categories . It has all the features of the Plus version(Paid). This version doesn’t contain any ADS or any useless permission. We developed this version to give back something to this wonderful community. We created a separated thread for this version to avoid confusion. Note: XDA version package name(inc.trilokia.pubgfxtool.free) is the same as the free version so please before installing this version, uninstall the previous version.

No Ban 99% safe Thanks to Battleye .
PUBG uses the Battleye Anti-cheat system…
Most of the time, Battleye reports the suspicious user and then suitable action is taken on them according to the game developer policy.
Please note that the core functionality of Battleye is dependent on the kernel level API’s of Windows(OS) and Client-Server network.
Some points to note:

  1. Due to Battleye Windows kernel level API limitation, Game is not released on Linux(such as Ubuntu etc)… and this functionality is not available on Android OS.
  2. Client-Server networking is used for checking abnormal behaviors like speed hacks, unlimited health etc.
    Changing graphics is normal behavior. You can also change it from the game…
  3. Some innocent user is also getting a ban for no reason because of Battleye. Even on Reddit and discord some user report ban for no reason(Just “Google” it)
  4. PUBG mobile policy (about the ban for graphics tool) is not updated yet*(Open PUBG mobile 1) Click on the settings icon and then Customer service 2) Read Penalties(Directory for rule violations) ) Update: 28th of August,2018)
  5. Till now, We haven’t received any ban report from our user…

So on Android, it is safe.



Hence, we can now assume that you are now capable of setting the game frames to 60FPS and well-known about “Steps to Get 60FPS in PUBG Mobile on Android”.


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