According to the Recent Updates. The Indonesian PUBG Mobile professional player, Ananda aka BDFRewind Putra has been permanently Restricted from using wallhacks in an unofficial tournament. Although, there is much reason for the restriction on Ananda. And, we will tell you the most Appropriate reasons from them. So, basically, In this article, we will let you know why the Indonesian PUBG Mobile Pro banned Play.

Indonesian PUBG Mobile Professional Banned to Play

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 As we know that the Ananda has been a part of Bonafide since early 2020 and was a competitive player in their PUBG Mobile Pro team the Previous year. Along With him, Bonafide competed in various seasons of the PMPL Indonesia 2020. However, the team could only keep up mediocre performances. Although, Their maximum performance came at the event of PMPL Indonesia season one finals. In which they Secured the sixth Positon. 

However, the pro player Ananda was caught hacking in an official tournament recently. PUBG Mobile Indonesia has issued a Permanent Restriction for the same.

Furthermore, cheaters in PUBG Mobile enhanced competitions such as the Club Open (PMCO) are very common. Also, this is the first time that a former Pro League player has been Restricted permanently from using wallhacks. As PUBG developers enlight that they will continue to develop our rules and tools so that they can continue to provide fair and competitive tournaments. Also, PUBG Mobile Indonesia announced officially. That they would also like to thank the community for their support and reports.

But the problem of Hacking in PUBG Mobile is big and this can be analyzed by the weekly anti-cheating reports published by Tencent. Although, The last report revealed that over 1.6 million hackers were banned from just March 26 to April 1.

So, we can hope that you all guys are completely well known about “Indonesian Pro Banned for Using Wallhacks”.


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