Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India is nearly to be launch soon. Despite this, there are many things that Krafton has Updated to their game. In which removal of OTP authentication is one of them. Because There was an OTP Authentication to log in. But, changed this policy and started the process to launch the game in the upcoming days. 

Moreover, the corporation started the further process which plays a vital role in launching the game. However, All these arrangements are happening step by step. That can take some time. Altogether, the BGMI is Nearly close to launching in India soon. So, In this article, we will understand about Battlegrounds Mobile India Nearly close to Release. And, other Updates requiring for the launch.

Krafton Removed Battlegrounds Mobile India OTP Log In Requirement 

Recently, krafton Inc removed various login requirements arising earlier on PUBG Mobile. Because we all know that Battlegrounds Mobile India is the revamped version of PUBG Mobile. Despite this, it has login requirements via Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, this requirement earlier appeared in PUBG Mobile. But, this time Krafton Inc removed these various login requirements on BGMI. Specifically, they introduced a Mobile verification OTP login system. However, Every code will valid for 5 minutes. For which, A user gets 10 chances to get code a day. 

Interestingly, it is found that the Gamer can avail a maximum of 10 BGMI Accounts using a Single Mobile number. Due to the Single number having various Accounts. There also be a chance to get the data to restore from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India removes official Rules of Conduct shortly after uploading them on the official website

In their recent update, Battlegrounds mobile India has removed the rules of Conduct that were expected to be Applicable from today. However, this all happened sometime after they uploaded it on the official website. Moreover, gamers are eagerly searching for information About Battlegrounds Mobile India over the internet. But, they are facing several rumor’s regarding it. For which krafton’s developers have introduced some FAQs on the Support section of their website. In which they have answered most arising queries regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India adds FAQ about upcoming features to the official website, removes it shortly after

As the game’s release is quite near to be possible. Despite this, krafton Inc uploaded some FAQs on their Battlegrounds Mobile India Support page. In which they clearly explain Battlegrounds Mobile India. And, also told about planning for the launch game on iOS devices. Interestingly, BGMI does not launch any version for iOS users. However, they have said that “they will update their users on their official social media handle. So, Keep connected with it”.
Note: The page was live again, after 6hrs of private.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date 

In a recent leak by krafton’s Employee. It seems that the release date for Battlegrounds Mobile India is nearly close to launching. However, they do not make any official notice for the launch. But, Earlier many influencers had already hinted at the game’s release date. And, Now krafton itself said the game’s release is nearly close to launching. That means the date hinted at 18th June 2021 is somewhere possible to be correct. Moreover, this time we have to stay connected with the official social media handles of krafton. Because any time, they can release various updates regarding the game.

Hopefully, we can now expect that you all guys have Accurate content about Battlegrounds Mobile India Release date Nearly Close. And, also well-known about Krafton removes rules of conduct shortly after uploading. Despite this, If any user has any query share them with us in the comment section down below.


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