Battlegrounds Mobile India is already live on the servers as of July 2nd, 2021, according to the PUBG Mobile revamped version. Additionally, the game received over 20 million pre-registrations on the Google Play store. There is a wide variety of features included in the game, along with other effective add-ons. BGMI has recently released its first update, which includes a collaboration with Tesla, Gigafactory, and other futuristic items.

Officials have already released a teaser for the 1.5 updates. From that time on, the gamers are eagerly anticipating the BGMI 1.5 Update Ignition Update. Yesterday, Krafton inc released the very first update of the game. Additionally, gamers can take advantage of the 1.5 Update by joining the game through the Google Play store. We will learn about the BGMI 1.5 Ignition Update in this article.

BGMI’s 1.5 Ignition Update is now available

Our earlier articles explained various features to be included in the Update. This is the first update for Battlegrounds Mobile India. This is why the game has introduced various in-game items that can be added on. 

Although the Ignition Update has now been released, there are still some gamers who have yet to experience the items that are included in the update. 

Additionally, we have analyzed the latest BGMI Update and feel that various in-game items and features will be available in the Ignition Update. In this article, we have discussed some in-game items.

What Has BGMI’s Ignition Update taught Us?

We have already explained the various items of Ignition Update, but the explanation was based on estimations. However, we have now played the game along with the Ignition Update. We have discovered various features in the game and also examined every aspect of it. The following describes our experiences with various in-game items available in the Update.

The gigafactory

Krafton has already mentioned its collaboration with Tesla Motors. Gamers can now visit the Tesla Gigafactory and see the full production process of Tesla cars. In the meantime, we will get a full experience of tesla cars in the game.

It is the M3 Gun

A new weapon called the MG3 Gun was introduced in the game. It uses 7.62 mm ammo, however, and can still load up to 75 bullets at a time. It will also be very helpful because it can load up to 70 bullets at a time with each reload.

New Ignition Mode

As the Update focuses mainly on Hyperlinks available in the game, this is the title name. Hyperlinks also allow gamers to travel from one place to another. Interesting enough, Ignition mode is a part of the Erangel map and is something new for gamers.

In-game customization

Gamers can now customize sensitivity and gyroscope settings in-game. Nevertheless, it mainly benefits low-end devices users since they can enjoy the same gameplay as high-end devices. Additionally, the Update has the flexibility to set up the game based on the gamer’s device.

All in all, these are features that are beyond our expectations. Downloading the Update from the Google Play Store will also give you access to more features.

As of now, we can expect you guys to have accurate information about BGMI’s 1.5 Ignition Update. It is also well-known about what we experienced in BGMI 1.5 Ignition Update. In any case, if any user has any questions, let us know in the comment section below.


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