PUBG Mobile is one of the most played and follower-favourite games around the globe. The PUBG Mobile creators mostly come to introduce new features and skins at some specific time during new seasons. You can be expected PUBG mobile season 4 will be launch on November 20.

The Users are enjoying Season 18 currently, but they are also hyped and eager to know about the PUBG Mobile Season 19 Royal Pass rewards and skins. So, In this article, we will let you know about various leaks of Season 19.

About Season 19 leaked rewards of PUBG Mobile

400;">Basically, a brand new Karakin map will launch on the 7th of April and replacing the snowy Vikendi map. The Karakin map will introduce new Vibes and atmosphere for the Users.

As we know The hundred Rhythms mode had Introduced in season 18. However, there are no leaks related to the new game mode to conclude in season 19 yet. Also, PUBG Mobile creators often Provide some new skins and rewards at the time of this Upcoming Season. As per few updates, the upcoming rewards and skins will be base on the Japanese Spring theme.

About PUBG Mobile Season 19 Royal Pass Avatars and outfits

  • 1 Avatar -This outfit suits such a regular, adventurous, and straightforward outfit and may get available at the first Royal pass rewards level.
  • 2 Avatar -This samurai Appearance avatar is expected to be available at fifty levels of Royale pass rewards.
  • 3 Avatar -This outfit is origin from a floral type design and gives a kind of spring season vibes.

About PUBG Mobile Helmet – Backpack Skin & Weapon skin

In season 19 of the game, the new helmet in the yellow-blue combination and appear to be amazing whenever the character model takes it up. Although, The Weapon skin is to be expected as Themed on the Japanese Spring season.

These backpack skins are shown Positive and fabulous when they are tried out by the character models in the game. Although, there are no more equipment information came into contact regarding the PUBG Mobile Season 19 yet. So, These are leaks that are released till now. The leaks, skins, and rewards may different.

So, we can assume that you guys are now completely known about “Leaked Rewards of PUBG Mobile Season 19 Royale Pass”.


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