PUBG Mobile has a habit of Introducing Several In-game to Stable the Players Taste and Adventure in the game. And, They have launched the most awaited 1.6 Update. Although, the Launching time will differ according to the Time Zone or platform on which they were released. But, Slowly, they will reach every player globally. Furthermore, the update has lots of In-game features, but if we talk about the main highlights, such as Flora Menance Mode, the Show Route option is amazing.

Also, the update will be available everywhere, and Interestingly, the Same Update will be available in India, as the Name of the BGMI 1.6 Update. Meanwhile, all the players will get the benefit of this well-known update. So, In this article, we will discuss more about PUBG Mobile has officially Launched its 1.6 Update – Everything you need to know about it.

Everything You to Need knows About PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update

Below, we state all the necessary information for the recent PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update in some prominent Headings.

Update Size and Availability Platform

The official information stated that the Update size on Android is 690MB and On iOS is 1.68GB. However, if we talk about their Availability, the update has released on 14th September 2021 @ 5:30 AM (In 9 hours). If specifically known according to the platform then, they are following as –


   Download PUBG Mobile 1.6 APK

   Download PUBG Mobile 1.6 APK

from App Store & Play Store

Price: Free+

Patch Notes for 1.6 Update

The official information stated that the PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update introduces an all-new Flora menace mode and many other interesting features. So, below we are stating and Explaining every feature to be rolling out in the update.

  • Flora Menance Mode

This mode is a major highlight of the update as it is available on Erangel, Livik and Sanhok Map. It includes some special terms such as Life Barrier, Zillion Matrix and Dynahex Supply.

  1. Life Barrier: This is specifically a booster of health for the players struggling on the Battlefield.
  2. Zillion Matrix: When the players are engaged in battle, this feature helps get Encore Chips by disqualifying Enemies.
  3. Dynahex Supply: This feature will help players to exchange the received Nacore Chips for getting these Supplies.
  • Record Highlights

Now, Players can record or Capture the main highlights during the gameplay. Also, Players can check their progress reports in the game and share them on any Platform.

  • Display Route

The players are earlier facing issues regarding the display of the Route option, but Now, players can avail the Show route option in the recent 1.6 Update.

  • Returning Modes/Maps

As per the official patch, these are the modes/maps returning to the game, such as Metro Royale, Titans: Last Stand, Vikendi, Survive Till Dawn, Payload 2.0, Infection Mode, Runic Power and VS AI.

New Royal pass Season and its Rewards

The New Royal pass Season C1S2 M3 will start on 17th September, also seen in the 1.6 Update. So, Here is the list of rewards to be avail.

Rank 1st: Lone Wolf QBZ weapon skin and Lone Wolf Set

Rank 5th: Lone Wolf headgear and 1 RP Mission Card

Rank 10th: Veggie Carton Backpack and 500 BP

Rank 15th: M3 RP avatar and emote named Twist Dance

Rank 20th: Colorful airplane skin is known as Fruit Splash Finish

Rank 25th  : New Outfit known as Leopard Suit

Rank 30th  : Grenade skin and a quirky emote known as Deadly Cabbage Grenade and Deep Fried Emote

Rank 40th  : M16A4 skin known as Veggie Parcel M16A4

Rank 50th  :  Deep Fried Set and Deep Fried headgear

Hopefully, we can now expect that you all guys have Accurate content about PUBG Mobile has officially Launched their 1.6 Update – Everything you need to know about it. And, also well-known about What are the Specific details relating to 1.6 Update. With regards to this, If any user has any query share them with us in the comment section down below.


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