PUBG Mobile had banned earlier in the previous year. In respect of this, PUBG Mobile has introduced a separate version for India. Although Krafton has introduced the game’ Indian version in the Last year, PUBG Mobile banned in India and during Diwali PUBG Mobile announced a separated version of the game that might debut as PUBG Mobile India. However, it has been a while there is no update about the game. Reportedly, PUBG Mobile didn’t received approval from the MEitY. Therefore, there is no official statement issued by Krafton about the launch of the game in India.

Mobile Could Soon Relaunch, As they Posted Job Recruitment In India

It is a piece of very positive news for Indian users that the PUBG Mobile India may probably be relaunch soon in the country. Because the latest updates revealing that the Krafton incorporation has posted a job opening regarding the job role for an analyst. Hence it will be a great sign of hope for the relaunch of the Indian version of the game.

PUBG Corp is Recruiting in India: Is It Good News for Gamers?

Yeah! It is such great news for the gamers. As firstly it indicates that the game will surely relaunch the game’s Prominent Indian version in the game. Secondly, the gamers have now a career opportunity to be a part of the PUBG Mobile Administration. So, these were the main two positive facts for the gamers.

PUBG Mobile’s parent Incorporation Krafton posted a job on LinkedIn, and Indian followers are currently excited

As in the above two early paragraphs, we have told that PUBG Mobile is trying to relaunch the game’s Indian version in the country. As they had officially posted a recruitment notice for the job role of Analyst in Krafton incorporation. This recruitment made the Indian users excited because it enables the hope for the relaunch of the game in India.

At last, we can hope that you guys are now well-known about “PUBG Mobile has Posted a Recruitment in India”.


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