PUBG Mobile India has been one of the most popular games in India for a while now. The Subject was introduced in November. Previous year in the wake of the PUBG Mobile ban in the country. A trailer was soon launched, and a website was also set up.

However, The official announcement was a ray of hope for Indian PUBG Mobile followers, who have been eagerly awaiting the beloved game’s return. However, the respite was only momentary. Despite the positive updates relating to PUBG Mobile India, no revelations have been made about its launch. Since PUBG Mobile

India was introduced, Various download links for the game’s APK files have been shared over the Internet.

In this article, we are trying to inform you about the Various APK files of PUBG Mobile India are totally Fake. They do not have any originality. Fake PUBG Mobile India APK Files Start Appearing Online, But You Shouldn’t Install Them.

PUBG Mobile India APK files Available on Internet are Fake

As there are many different APK files of the PUBG Mobile India version. Although, the Indian version does not get any Permission yet to Release. Despite this, Some websites are Providing APK file of the game. So, it is clear that all those APK files are completely Fake. Hence, Users should keep in mind that PUBG Mobile India is yet to be launch by the creators, which direct that any APK files available over the Internet are completely fake.

All existing PUBG Mobile India APK files on the internet are fake. Moreover, the users are requested not to download those fake APK files under any circumstances as they could be malware disguised as an APK file. They could, therefore, be a challenge to a device’s Privacy if any want to get the official APK file of the game. So, they should get in touch with the official Social Handles of the PUBG Corporation.

So, it can understand that by analyzing the above content. You all guys are completely known about “PUBG Mobile India Available APK Files over the Internet are Fake”.


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