PUBG Mobile has been one of the most popular game in the Indian mobile gaming community for the last few months. However, the game’s name is listed in the queue of Apps that were blocked by the administration. Although, the servers were allowed to use till late October. The suspension willingly disappointed the Indian followers, but the announcement of a Separate Indian version revitalized them and provided them with hope for the relaunch of the game.

Earlier With the trailer and website being launched, Users were hyped for PUBG Mobile’s comeback in India. However, this excitement was

short-lived as, despite numerous developments, no concrete launch date has emerged.GodNixon, aka Luv Sharma, a popular PUBG Mobile content creator, has now shared an update that the Administration has finally approved PUBG Mobile India.

GodNixon Hinted that PUBG Mobile India has got Permission from the Administration

According to them, the Administration has given Permission for the relaunch of PUBG Mobile. However, the fixed launch date nor the month still not finalized, but the game will surely relaunching. Although, few of the popular content creators such as  Ghatak had posted stories giving hints regarding the relaunch. Moreover, before GodNixon, TSM Ghatak enlightened that the following subsequent two months will be Positive for PUBG lovers, and various amazing Updates are happening to be in the future for TSM lovers. 

But, Note that there is no official announcement has been made regarding PUBG Mobile’s availability in India. As Sean Hyunil Sohn aka Head of Corporate Development at Krafton had said about PUBG Mobile Relaunch that there is no fixed date for the concern. But, we are trying out maximum to get Approval from the Indian Administration of Relaunch for the game. Meanwhile, krafton is willing to launch the game in India. As of now, it becomes the Priority of the company. 

So, we can now assume that you all guys are complete and well known about “PUBG Mobile India Got the Approval from the Indian government”.


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