Due to the fact that they incorporate a large variety of cultures into their game to better the user experience, Battlegrounds Mobile India has already established itself as one of the most popular battle royale games in the country. However, the game recently crossed 50 million downloads on the Google Play store, and if we consider the game’s initial release date of July 2nd, 2021,Meanwhile, after about two months, the game has hit its first milestone and is also attempting to expand further.

Additionally, the game supports multiple log-in methods, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Apart from that, there is a significant problem with one of the login options. Players that log into their accounts using Facebook, in particular, should pay close attention to this article. Because this post will discuss BGMI’s demand for users to check in via Facebook. Here are all the pertinent details.

What Exactly Happened With the BGMI Facebook Login?


previously stated, players on BGMI have a number of login options. However, if we narrow our emphasis to Facebook, a number of concerns occur for gamers who utilise Facebook to access their BGMI account. As the BGMI developers have stated explicitly, cease logging in via Facebook if you do not have a Facebook app. Meanwhile, from September 28th, 2021, players will be required to install the Facebook app on their smartphone in order to log in using Facebook.

Additionally, administrators have stated that customers who wish to access their BGMI Account via Facebook must maintain a Facebook app on their smartphone. Because players will be unable to access BGMI until until September 28th, 2021 without the Facebook app. This date serves primarily as a deadline for this endeavour.

Is this also a problem with iOS players?

No, according to the official notification, gamers who log into their BGMI Account via Facebook do not require an iOS Facebook app. Meanwhile, the aforementioned issue is only applicable to Android players that log into BGMI using their Facebook credentials. Thus, iOS gamers do not need to be concerned, as this is only applicable to Android players.

How many players are expected to log into BGMI using Facebook?

Although there is no particular statistics on this subject, we can infer that approximately 50% of BGMI gamers access their accounts via Facebook. That means that after September 28th, 2021, all of these 50% players must use the Facebook app to check in.

When will the aforementioned problem be resolved?

To be sure, the developers have set a particular deadline fixing this issue and have included simply the date and its relevance in their announcement. They initially made no indication regarding the duration of the resolution. However, based on past history and future projections, we believe that this particular issue will be remedied in the near future.

Hopefully, we can now anticipate that everyone of you has accurate information about BGMI. Requires Facebook App to Login Via Facebook-Here are the complete details. Additionally, it is well-known that what are the additional specifics pertaining to the aforementioned Facebook login issue? With this in mind, if any user has any questions, please leave them in the comment section below.


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