A free fire has been gaining popularity since 2018. But in the last two years, has been a large increase in viewership. The Popularity of Free Fire in India indicates. Garena wants to take complete advantage of the absence of PUBG Mobile.

Overview of Free Fire Popularity

Free fire Tournament Fame was better and overtaking PUBG Mobile’s viewership counts. The Free Fire Battles had more viewers. As compared to PUBG Mobile Battles. A free fire has
been gaining popularity since 2018. But in the last few years, has been a large increase in viewership.

Free fire Tournament Fame

Two years back, Free Fire was making waves. The Free Fire tournament had more viewers than the PUBG Mobile tournament in 2019. As per FFWC, free have averaged six lakh viewers, which Hiked at Ten Lakh viewers. The PMSC World Cup 2019 finals had an average view count of almost two lakh, which Hiked at Four lakh viewers.Why isn’t Garena Free Fire not as popular as PUBG in India?

Free Fire YouTube Analysis

Concerning YouTube popularity. The free fire became YouTube’s fourth most favourite game. And get YouTube’s monthly viewership for videos about Free Fire. A free fire has more views on youtube than PUBG.
While the COVID-19 pandemic. A follower of the game Globally sawed almost a hundred and thirty-five million hours of PUBG Mobile. Because of PUBG Mobile’s Restriction in India. Content creators for Esport have seen a significant fall in viewership. Those have compared with other games. Free Fire Status after PUBG Mobile Restricted in India
While Free Fire did not get the same fame from Indian social media, it has made a Prominent difference in the viewership as it maintains in a few months since PUBG Mobile’s ban.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Question

Which is a better free fire or PUBG mobile?

PUBG Mobile has Enhanced graphics than Free Fire.

Is Free Fire a copy of PUBG?

Pubg may have copied the concept of the famous Free Fire.

Which Esport is most famous in India, PUBG or free fire?

Free fire is more Popular as per current Status.

Is Garena free fire like PUBG?

Yes, But Not Much Accurate like PUBG.

So, we hope you guys are well-known about “Can Free fire to become famous as PUBG”.



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